Sylvie Audcoeur, Mirabelle Kirkland, Manon Dillys & Sébastien Le Délézir. The guardian angel discovers in amazement that, this time, her mission will concern four people. Little by little, they fall in love but Josephine loses her powers because an angel and can't fall in love. Josephine wonders if she is there to help Louise protect herself from a supernatural creature, and receives the support of Mathis, the archaeologist who discovered this mummy, and who fell under the spell of Louise. Josephine comes to the aid of Pierre Castignac, become amnesic after a car accident. Joséphine helps a dance-ballet teacher who encounters many difficulties with the young girl and the mother of the chosen one of her heart, as she prepares to settle down for good with him. Joséphine comes to the aid of François who has just taken over the farm of his father, who had to retire. Joséphine helps Thomas to open his eyes on how his mother and friends treat Aminata, the woman he is going to marry. In 2003, the series also received a 7 d'Or for Favorite TV Series. His half-brother, of whom he did not know the existence, comes from Brazil to touch his share of inheritance, which challenges the plans of Vincent. Candice Renoir . She will also have to open his eyes on the sentimental life that he forbids himself. Joséphine is helping Alice, a 9-year-old figure skating girl. Josephine helps Bertrand to get him out of the emergencies he chained the guards and manages the service, without knowing how to delegate. Josephine helps Baltus, an opera singer who has cancer and can not sing anymore. Second problem: one of her clients does not seem to be at the rendez-vous and no one knows where he is. Neither the labor inspectorate, nor the businessmen, nor even the workers, want to acknowledge the gravity of the situation. Joséphine, ange gardien (TV Series 1997– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Failing to cope with this news, Charline decides to hide it from her family. Stepped up by Joséphine, Mélanie decides to ask the social services for the name of her biological mother. Alexandra Echkenazi, France Corbet & Thomas Perrier, France Corbet, Thomas Perrier & Gioacchino Campanella, This page was last edited on 9 February 2021, at 09:57. Joséphine is helping Alain Rougier to restore his taste for cooking and not to take care of derivatives, as well as to reconcile with his sister ! Elle ne veut pas faire la saison de trop. Aurélie Robert Mis à jour le 17/12/20 13:56. Joséphine comes to the aid of Jamila who marries a Frenchman, Romain, against the advice of her father who forbids her to see him again. Josephine helps Julien to show his father that he is not made for studies and that he should leaves him free to make his own choices. Josephine comes to the aid of Geneviève Beaumont, a homeless woman, to get out of the street and to have her family back with her. Raulyork. 2:19. Josephine questions the meaning of this devotion. But what Joséphine dreads, from the moment of the birth of the little one, will unfortunately happen. Joséphine comes to the aid of François, a former alcoholic who has made several detoxification cures. Joséphine sees the firemen arrive and she learns that he has sunk into a coma. She will also learn that her eldest son wants to follow him and put 800 kilometers between them ! Josephine helps Nadia, a young Maghrebian woman who is under the influence of a couple who uses her as a slave. Indeed, Mathilde, the pregnant wife of the new farmer, can less and less assist him in the tasks of the farm. She begins to have several burns, because love is a feeling too strong for her... Josephine then appeals the ex of Baltus, Hannah, who will try to reconquer him. Josephine finds herself plunged among the young girls of the sixties, between their dreams of free women and their rising loves. He makes his loved ones believe he is a firefighter. Secret de tournage : Comment Joséphine a dompté les poules ? Josephine has only one solution to solve this mystery: to return in 1962, in the boarding school of young girls of Gabrielle. Grâce à ses pouvoirs magiques et sa capacité de persuasion et à ses pouvoirs magiques, elle aide à chacune de ses mission des perso nnes qui rencontrent des problèmes. However, Josephine is there to give her a second chance to win this role. She will help her reconnect with her family and son who have abandoned her. Joséphine, ange gardien. Joséphine, ange gardien è una serie televisiva francese creata da Laurent Chouchan, Michel Lengliney e Philippe Niang. Clara has to face both the collapse of the zoo, the teenage crisis of her son and the bad memories of her childhood that beset her everywhere. Having become a choreographer at the Lipstick, Joséphine will have to help Thomas to assume himself as he is in the eyes of all. One evening, he relapsed and jeopardized his career as a teacher and his couple. Joséphine helps Charline, a mother and lawyer who is used to handling everything. English français italiano. Liste des épisodes de Joséphine, ange gardien Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Between good and bad dating, Josephine will do everything possible to make her client return to the right path. She did not hesitate to sacrifice all her life to take care of her father. Joséphine ange gardien et Camping Paradis réunis pour un épisode inédit le 12 mars ! Josephine, meanwhile, will struggle to carry out her missions with Gabriel, his trainee. Réécoutez "Tes qi toi", la chanson écrite par Sir Diggler pour "Joséphine, Ange Gardien", Quand Joséphine, ange gardien rencontre Camping Paradis… Mimie Mathy parle du crossover, Joséphine, ange gardien, les premières minutes de sa nouvelle mission dévoilée. Joséphine helps Garance Martin, a centenary who has just died ... A first for our angel who met during the small ceremony Camille the great-granddaughter of Garance. Mélanie, a dyslexic teenager, goes through a sorrow of love and struggles to keep up with the rhythm in school. Joséphine helps the actress Laura Calle, who hides the existence of her daughter Amelie for fourteen years. First problem: her mission will last four days. Joséphine helps Jules, young director of the circus Borelli, traumatized by the death of his father, trapezist like him. È stata trasmessa per la prima volta in Francia il 15 dicembre 1997 su TF1 e rinnovata per sedici stagioni. Stagione 3 4 Ep. Grâce à ses pouvoirs magiques et sa capacité de persuasion et à ses pouvoirs magiques, elle aide à chacune de ses mission des personnes qui rencontrent des problèmes. For Camille, it's simply impossible: Garance can not be a murderer ! Josephine helps Axel and his family, whose elder brother wants to sell the family property because of an old rancor and unspoken. Juliette inherited the talent of her father, who died when he became a renowned concertist. He is determined to try everything to make Sophie crack. Since the accidental death of their mother, Jerome accumulates the failures. Josephine arrived as a housekeeper, to help and appease the young man, surpassed by his new activity. What happens at the Borelli Circus ? Joséphine, ange gardien (Jozefino, gardanĝelo) estas franca televida serio, interpretita de Mimie Mathy, kreita de Laurent Chouchan, Michel Lengliney kaj Philippe Niang, elsendata ekde la 15-a de decembro 1997 en TF1.En Belgio, la serio estas elsendata en La Une (), … However, Florence did not think to meet there the new companion of his ex, nor to discover that his ex has accepted a job in the south and that he will settle there. Trama Episodio: Tutti per uno. Mathis did not speak for six months. Joséphine helps Fred, a professional poker cheater. Stagione 5 4 Ep. Joséphine, ange gardien Coupée du monde. Joséphine immediately notices that Anne is very stressed especially when it comes to Gaston, her father. Josephine has a mission: to convince him that even if he is paralyzed for life, he has still beautiful days to live and a family that loves him. For Xavier and André, it is obvious that Ariane did not totally forget Tom. But Antoine is victim of an accident. Jeanne is harassed by her classmates, Joséphine is going to help the girl reintegrate into her college. Joséphine is helping Michaël, a young man particularly talented for rugby, and member of the MRC club. Stagione 14 4 Ep. He rises unconscious to the surface. # JosephineAngeGardien aide une maman solo qui se bat pour la garde de son fils, atteint du syndrome d'Asperger... ️ Joséphine helps Louise, a talented young Egyptologist who begins studying the Neferet mummy. Joséphine comes to the aid of Antoine Duroc, aged, who is accused of betrayal by the son of one of his former resistant friends. Seeking to preserve her daughter Zoé, 6, since she lost her dwelling, she made him believe that it was their new home ... Joséphine discovers that the young woman conceals her illiteracy. Josephine will help Nadia out of her slavery and rediscover the freedom and joy of living. Stagione 12 5 Ep. She lives in an old building whose owner wants to expel all the tenants in order to earn more money. FanPage officielle de la série tenue par TF1. Joséphine is helping four Parisian tourists. Bienvenue sur le tournage de l'épisode inédit "La parenthèse enchantée" ! Mimie Mathy et Ingrid Chauvin : "On apporte un grand message d'espoir", Ingrid Chauvin et Mimie Mathy réunies dans un épisode inédit. Joséphine helps Charlotte, a 19-year-old, mother overwhelmed by a baby named Amandine, whom she raises alone while working and continuing her studies. During her mission, Joséphine will have to accommodate Spartacus, a new client a little particular. Ambiance années 20 pour célébrer les 20 ans de Joséphine Ange Gardien ! Her entourage thinks that she is unstable and that internment is the best solution. 217 talking about this. Josephine helps Eléonore in the Middle Ages, a young woman who is at the origin of the curse weighing on all her descendants. Joséphine is helping Camille Monin, a 35-year-old bachelor, an occupational physician, has been fighting for years to ban DH4, a solvent she has repeatedly found toxic effects on the health of workers. Joséphine, ange gardien est une série télévisée française créée par Laurent Chouchan, Michel Lengliney et Philippe Niang. Stagione 11 5 Ep. Joséphine will become a violinist to try to unravel the situation. It is actually in the middle of the medieval spectacle of Provins. 14:03. Yükselişe geçenler. Tom comes to wonder if he is not yet in love with Ariane. Josephine helps Lazlo, a street kid. Parachuted at Europ Assistance, Joséphine discovers that she must go immediately to Thailand to have Louis Mercier, a doctor wrongly suspected of drug trafficking, released. Joséphine is helping Clara Lorenz, a single mother who decided to settle temporarily with her two children in the ancestral zoo of her father, who died a few months ago. He practices chippendale at Lipstick, a trendy nightclub, but does not assume his job. But the young bachelor suddenly "inherits" two children: Pauline, 15, and Fleur, 9, the orphans of her elder sister who died with her husband in a car accident. When her daughter was sent back from her boarding school in Switzerland after a runaway, Laura was convinced by Josephine to bring her daughter back to Paris, where she shot a film in which she interpreted. When Joséphine arrives, Gabrielle is shocked: she has just learned that the child she gave birth when she was 16 is alive and well, contrary to what was announced to her. Stéphanie Tchou Cotta, Ivan Piettre, Éric Eider & Sylvie Coquart. Joséphine will try to have Anna take care of the child but the couple, who declares Liouba as their own daughter, will do everything to get her back. Following her recent divorce, Florence is about to spend her first Christmas without her children. Joséphine returns in the second world war, twice, to investigate and discover the true traitor in order to wash the honor of her client, who was a member of a resistance network led by Guillaume Servier. Because of this, she completely abandons her children, Simon 19 years and Chloé 15 years. Josephine, ange gardien S14E2 FRENCH Part 04. [12], "Audiences TV du lundi 10 avril 2017: retour mitigé pour The Island, Zone Blanche séduit sur France 2, Joséphine ange gardien reste leader sur TF1", "Audiences TV du lundi 3 avril 2017: retour en force pour Joséphine, ange gardien, France 5 devant France 3, À l'état sauvage dévisse mais conserve les ménagères", "Audiences TV : TF1 en tête avec Joséphine ange gardien, démarrage faible pour Qui sera le prochain grand pâtissier ? With her psychological insight, ability of persuasion and her magical powers, she manages to help people who have problems. Watching in a junior high school, Joséphine must understand what is going on in Jeanne's life. Joe Biden. Omar, a small African wounded in the war, allied himself with Josephine, hoping to see Francois solve his problems. 34:54. Frankreich . Joséphine will need patience to convince Louise not to lock herself in the work and to open herself to the love that Mathis proposes to her. Josephine, Ange Gardien Serie tv di Laurent Chouchan con Mimie Mathy (FR 2010). The mayor plans to revitalize the economy of the region thanks to this event. But Emma wants to go home. Joséphine helps Juliette, a young teenager who, at 15, is already a virtuoso violinist. Quand Joséphine Ange Gardien rencontre Camping Paradis… Les premières images du crossover dévoilées ! Joséphine comes to help Michel, who has just received an anonymous letter, denouncing that his daughter is not his, but another, because his wife had an adventure just before their wedding. Serie tv di Laurent Chouchan con Mimie Mathy (FR 2010).... i più visti di la7. But Martin lives with a man and Sandrine wants more than ever to gather her parents. Joséphine helps Sophie. Joséphine helps the Lozach family, restaurateurs whose daughter, Morgane, has disappeared for several days in Brittany, in Ploumenech. She will allow him to find a family and a brother, Benji. She must also discover why Antoine does not wake up. Piercamillo Davigo: "Vengo da un piccolo comune in provincia di Pavia... 06-04-2021. Joséphine helps Anne Maleval in the Middle Ages. The adventures of Josephine, a guardian angel sent to solve the problems of various people, using her magic powers. Everyone tells Josephine that it's impossible for Lazlo to change. Joséphine is helping Armelle Langlois, who has been a member of the "Connaissance et Harmonie" sect for 3 years (after her husband's death). Josephine discovers that Marie and Bertrand Lozach have already lost a daughter, Elodie, 5 years earlier, during a race at sea. Joséphine, ange gardien - Season 12. Joséphine, ange gardien Joséphine Delamarre est un ange gardien envoyée sur terre. Yet, in full ceremony of her marriage, she says "no" to her marriage and runs away. Josephine helps Marion, a little girl who desperately tries to find a new husband for her mother. Joséphine comes to help Sandra, who has everything to be happy. Between the whims of a star and the conflicts of Pauline during adolescence, she must help her client to reveal herself, assuming her new responsibilities, professional and family. The day they learn they can adopt a baby, Yen, they discover that their baby has been entrusted to another couple. Joséphine helps Julie, who seems to be in conflict with her husband, Franck. She would have everything to be happy, but she is confronted with the hostility of her fellow musicians, while her parents, mother and father-in-law find it difficult to understand. She intends to remain in the army, but her superior does everything to dissuade her, even endangering her during the exercises.

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