Passionate about aviation, William is said to be the youngest royal to obtain his pilot's license and spent 16 days flying himself to his new post in Japan. Its very macho. Very energetic. Zsuzsi Starkloff 63160 Forest Service Rd 490 Steamboat Springs, CO 80477 (970) 870-6717. . Prince William of Gloucester 1941 - 1972. In 1936, she was born in Budapest, Hungary. Yet, even though he grew up in the spotlight, he was said to always desire a life away from the confines of a royal role. Now, his relationship is perfect. Upon her return home, she wrote to William, telling him to wait a bit and see how everything looks once he got back to England. Tall and roguishly handsome, everyone called him warm, tender-hearted, and generous to a fault. Not a day," Zsuzsi said. Yet William was also dismayed by the restrictions of royal life and, after his traditional Eton and Cambridge education, he eschewed the expected military career for one in the diplomatic service. Olavo de Carvalho 16. She could scarcely believe the man was a princebut shed soon receive a painful reminder. Then just 1 a week for full website and app access. Starkloff was 83 years old when she died in 2020. Zsuzsi never got the chance to marry the man she loved. SUPPORT OUR JOURNALISM: Please consider donating to keep our website running and free for all - thank you! However, despite our best efforts, we sometimes miss the mark. Maybe she had a thing for 007s, because as soon as she met Prince William, the two fell madly in love. We want our readers to trust us. The blizzard of clichs began immediately when we were introduced to the playboy prince with the movie-star looks whose great love affair was destined to end in tragedy. She knew almost nothing about the Imperial family, and hardly anything about Britain, said TV producer Brian Henry Martin, who detained her in Colorado in 2015. It was when he was stationed in Tokyo that this twenty-seven year old eligible bachelor found the woman for him, Zsuzsi Starkloff. Zsuzsi is in contact with Gerda Einbock of her flight attendant graduation class. Photographed here on 17th December 1962. Anyway, Hungarian-born Starkloff, with a huge bequest in Northamptonshire and a lovely apartment at Kensington Palace, could be the Duchess of Gloucester. ", She added: "I get misty-eyed just thinking about that. She had wanted to marry him, but he had been 17 years older and divorced with two children. Click here to subscribe to the Royal Central newsletter,
Prince William of Gloucester 1941 - 1972. Upon his graduation, Prince William returned to the UK and took up a position at Lazards, a merchant bank in London; this made him only the second royal behind his uncle Prince George, Duke of Kent to undertake a job in the civil service. Either way, the law stated that anyone with succession to the throne must get the Queen's permission to marry, and it didn't look likely that the Queen would approve of William's love match. Still, William was determined to bring his partner to England to meet his family. In 1965, the royal started working for the Commonwealth Office, working in Lagos as the third secretary at the British High Commission. Instead, he craved adventure and a normal life away from the prying eyes of the royal family. He is wise through his years. The association was out of the limelight. Prince William was a page boy at the Queens wedding, in 1947. Please submit feedback to When, in September 1969, William's cousin Princess Margaret arrived in Tokyo, purportedly to help boost Britain's trade relationship with Japan, Zsuzsi believes her real mission was to gauge the seriousness of their relationship. Sovereign Harry is his younger brother. "A dashing young man, it's no wonder the women of his time were awed by his charming looks. Though the lovers have perished, their love lives on inside the hearts and minds of netizens. He had to return to the UK to manage his fathers estate and take on duties as a full-time working royal. (Channel 4), Policemen and firefighters examining the wreckage of Prince William of Gloucester's Piper Cherokee light aircraft after it crashed. His mother, the Duchess of Gloucester, was sitting in the stands to watch her son compete. In 1972, Williams plane, which he was piloting, came down in a fiery crash at an air race. Fortunately, the couple had an unlikely ally inside the royal family. "A British prince and a Hungarian girl met in Tokyo Japan 47 years ago. But even if that was the case, tragic news from back home put an end to that idea once and for all. Clearly, Prince William was unlike any royal wed ever seen. Wallis Simpson with Edward VIII who gave up the throne of England to marry the woman he loved. . It is even believed that his cousin, Princess Margaret, was sent to Japan to encourage him to think about his duties over the relationship. Read More. Zsuzsanna Maria Starkloff of Steamboat Springs, Colorado died in 2020 at the age 83 after a courageous battle with cancer. After that, youd think maybe shed want a nice boring man, but instead, she went for William of Gloucester. She kept in touch with him a message the next day and sent it around to the British embassy, knowing nothing about the stodgy system. She lived until May 2020, when she lost her fight with cancerbut for all those years, she still wore Williams ring around her neck. document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()), What Happened to Jimmy Barnes Sister Linda Barnes? Newsweek reached out to Lalor for comment. From an early age, Prince William, who was once forth in line for the throne, seemed determined to live outside of the strict constraints and conventions of the monarchy. Kyle Rittenhouse 20. 412K views, 701 likes, 95 loves, 64 comments, 162 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Real Royalty: In 2015 Zsuzsi Starkloff told the story of her forbidden relationship with Prince William of. In his youth, he and his cousin, Prince Michael of Kent, acted as page boys at the wedding of their cousin, then Princess Elizabeth to Philip Mountbatten on November 20, 1947. In 1956 she escaped the communist regime that was infiltrating her homeland and came to the USA as a refugee. Born in Hungary, model Zsuzsi Starkloff moved to Japan to be the face of Revlons Japanese advertising campaign. Elizabeth Sudmeier 1 . William was laid to rest on September 2 that year at Windsor Castle, with the ceremony attended by the queen and Prince Charles. ", Vivi M admitted: "I never heard this story. He was seen with many different foreign girls on various nights out on the town. In passing, it tactfully informed us that Williams ex-girlfriend Zsuzsi Starkloff no longer wishes to be reminded of her lost love. Name. Zsuzsi Maria Starkloff, 83, of Steamboat Springs, died at home on May 1, 2020, after a daring battle with illness. In passing, it tactfully informed us that William's ex-girlfriend Zsuzsi Starkloff 'no longer wishes to be reminded of her lost love'. (Nor, oddly, did anybody mention that William had been diagnosed with porphyria, as made famous by George III.) "I was devastated," she says quietly. Zsuzsi is eighty-six years old. The British monarchy's website,, stated: "He became heir to his father's titles following the death of his elder brother, Prince William of Gloucester, in a flying accident on 28 August 1972. So, who really was the other Prince William? Thanks for your help! His co-pilot Vyrell Mitchell also was killed. According to those telepathic royal commentators, the prince was still determined to marry her, but just as he was about to pop the undocumented question, his father the Duke suffered a stroke and William had to return to Britain. WireImage Prince William of Gloucester (William Henry Andrew Frederick; 18 December 1941 - 28 August 1972) was a grandson of King George V and paternal cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.At birth he was fourth in line to the throne; he was ninth in line at the time of his death.. A Cambridge and Stanford graduate, he joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office serving in Lagos and Tokyo, before returning to . Be that as it may, it was marred by catastrophe and shame, and the Queen finally rejected it. The following day, coroners inspected the remains and, through dental records, confirmed what everyone already knew. But maybe Nicole was a bad luck charm? Potter/Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images. The couple rented a home near the ocean, a secret love nest, where William loved cooking for Zsuzsi, making her breakfast every morning. Also, we have no idea about his brother and sister, and we dont know their names either. . Charles, who was only 23 at the time, looked up to William and in 1982, when his first son was born, he named him in his honour. Together at the small love nest they rented by the Pacific Ocean, they lived like any young couple in love. It was then he met Starkloff, who lived there, as she said their relationship eventually blossomed into love. The program claims Prince William intended to marry Starkloff, but a centuries-old British law stated anyone in succession to the throne needed the queen's approval to marry. We have no more Information about his Father; we will try to collect information and update soon. Your suggestions can be as general or specific as you like, from Life to Compact Cars and Trucks to A Subspecies of Capybara Called Hydrochoerus Isthmius. Well get our writers on it because we want to create articles on the topics youre interested in. Username. He performed his regular checks before taking off that day, but he missed something. "She came to William's house and we chatted and she was very gracious. During her visit, Margaret and William spent many hours talking alone together. William was called the playboy Prince, who wanted to rebel against royal protocol. Pictured sailing in Lagos, Nigeria, with Graham Hunter, 13th February 1966. If you know some information, please comment below. 0 Oktober31 May 19, 2020 Details Edit Release date It would never get the chance. Though the details are scarce, at some point in his life, William hiked through the Sahara Desert. He wouldnt have to worry for much longer, however. Nonetheless, Im willing to bet that if our William had brought home his own twice-divorced Hungarian single mother, seven years his senior, we wouldnt have seen her walking down the aisle of Westminster Abbey. Mitchell had been 43, and William had been just 30 years old. But in 1972, William's plane, which he was piloting, came down in a fiery crash at an air race on August 28 that was caught on camera. The couple endured a series of separations over the following two years, but Zsuzsi knew William intended to marry her, giving her a commitment ring. But, in a sense, he was very different from other royal princes. The impact of his untimely death is said to have had a great effect on his cousin, Prince Charles, who would later name his firstborn son William. Williams early days with Starkloff were a whirlwind. He was tall. Gyrgy Lzr Enjoy this short documentary about the romantic yet tragic story of Prince William of Gloucester and the glamorous Zsuzsi Starkloff. The remains inside the aircraft were too disfigured for anyone to properly identify, but there was one item that survived the crash: The ring that William had made for Starkloff still sat around his finger. In 2011, the Daily Mail carried a long story about how the Queens cousin Prince William of Gloucester, who died in a plane crash aged 30, had been Prince Charless boyhood idol. On it I wrote, 'Dear Prince Charming. A few years that, he attended her coronation, when she became Queen Elizabeth II. Even on his very last day, William was still thinking about Zsuzsi Starkloff. He was well-regarded as a daredevil prince taking on several dangerous hobbies, including, flying, ballooning and hiking in the Sahara Desert. A month later, he sent word: Starkloff was to join him in England. Sean Connery was in Japan making a movie, we had dinner a couple of times," Zsuzsi told Channel 4. Zsuzsi told Channel 4 she came up with a plan to meet the royal with the movie star looks. We have no information about his girlfriend/boyfriend. That was all the encouragement William needed. That part might have hurt, but at least it wasnt a surprise. William came screaming into the world in a humble nursing home. Zsuzsi was with Starky when he hired Steedman Hinckley and spent a week on Steedmans yacht complete with an impressive crew. Join thousands of others and start your morning with our Fact Of The Day newsletter. The program called William the "playboy prince" who wanted to "rebel against royal protocol," acknowledging he was the "idol" of a young prince Charles. An interview with Starkloff . A fascinating documentary about the devastatingly handsome and now, pretty much forgotten Prince William of Gloucester, (1st cousin to Queen Elizabeth) and his forbidden relationship with the beautiful and elegant Zsuzsi Starkloff. Did that mean his family finally came around? The Royal Familys attitudes were changingif glacially. Pretty soon, people started calling him the Royal Familys own James Bond. Its not hard to see what William saw in Starkloff. Catherine of Aragon is now infamous as King Henry VIIIs rejected queenbut few people know her even darker history. But in a letter she wrote to William after her return, Margaret advised her cousin not to make any "rash decisions". . In one respect, Prince William, a member of the family, and treated in that way. It was his career that led him to Zsuzsi, the woman he loved even though some members of the royal family were determined that he would not be allowed to marry her. She deserves recognition and a rightful place in history after stepping forward to reveal their painful story before it was too late and the details, lost forever. Though princes like William customarily entered military service, he was far too independent for a uniform. A chain carrying a signet ring carved with the letter "W", it is the legacy of a love affair that began nearly half a century ago. (Photo by S. E. Orchard/Daily Express/Getty Images) (Getty), Zsuzsi recalled her love affair with the prince. If thats not ringing a bell, thats the same disease that doctors believe drove King George III mad. Prince William's title by birthright instead went to his younger brother, Prince Richard, the current Duke of Gloucester. To begin with,she had been divorced twice. Well, normal for someone whos stinking rich. But then one day, William found the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Which is to say that the makers added a narration apparently written by Sylvie Krin of Private Eye and threw in a few royal commentators demonstrating their usual gifts for telepathy (or, if you prefer, complete guesswork). "He was very unspoiled, which was a pleasure to everyone who knew him," Zsuzsi said. "She and William talked for quite a bit, I was very curious about what she would say, I didn't ask William. Prince William was obviously Nicole Sieffs type. Brendan Da Costa is a writer at Factinate. ", Love for William and Zsuzsi blossomed quickly and, according to Zsuzsi, three months into the relationship William said, "I never thought love could be this beautiful.". Sean Connery was in Japan making a movie, we had dinner a couple of times," Zsuzsi told. I tried to get my ex-wife served with divorce papers. For all I know, the story did unfold exactly as the programme said although a quick read round afterwards unsurprisingly suggested that things might have been more complicated than we were told, with Zsuzsis memories not entirely reliable. The glamorous Hungarian beauty, who could have married into the British royal family, lived until age 83 in a secluded mountain-top town in Colorado, thousands of miles away from the House of Windsor which caused her downfall. "There isn't a. Thats testing fate if Ive ever seen it. And, at times, I would behave completely differently," William said. "I remember wearing very big sunglasses to cover the fact that I was sad, but I also had faith in William's feelings for me. William of Gloucester got painfully close to marrying his great love. The Other Prince William (2015), Double-Band Films, The Tragic Story Of Britain's Playboy Prince, Real Royalty, The Truth Always Comes Out: Dark Family Secrets Exposed, Entrancing Facts About Madame de Pompadour, France's Most Powerful Mistress, Tragic Facts About Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIIIs First Wife, Mysterious Facts About Josephine Earp, The Mendacious Wild West Woman, Vulgar Facts About Lenny Bruce, Stand-Up Comedys Virtuous Villain, Unbridled Facts About Daisy Greville, The Saucy Socialite, Macabre Facts About Wednesday, The Spooky Streaming Sensation. He was fiercely loyal to his friends, particularly those who were ill, unpopular with others, or even downright embarrassing. His Royal Highnesss body was identified the following day through dental records. He was passionate about aviation and even spent 16 days flying himself from London to Tokyo for his new position as a pilot.